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Success at SOFLO Open


The South Florida Aquatic Club and Comets Swim Team Booster Club hosted the TYR SOFLO Open on January 27th- 29th at the Academic Village Swimming Pool in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Coral Springs Swim Club not only attednded the event, they brought their A game to it. The weekend was exciting and full of outstanding performanes by our swimmers. 

Micaela Sierra enjoyed a 1st place victory in the 200 Breast. She improved her previous time by 6.67 seconds and beat out the competition, finishing the race at an impressive time of 2:28.41. Sierra also placed 4th in the 100 Back (1:07.58). 

More highlight performances at the meet include Giulianna Garcia, who finished 2nd in both the 200 Free (2:08.09)and the 100 Fly (1:04.50) as well as 3rd place in the 200 IM (2:23.64) and the 100 Back (1:06.76), Sarah Schimansky, who came in 2nd place in the 500 Free (5:27.76), and Olivia Mason who placed 4th in the 50 Free at 26.52. 

Riley Botting also performed impressively last weekend. She came in 3rd place in the 50 Breast (34.14) and 4th place in the 200 IM (2:23.79). More impressive swims include Carolyn Powell, who claimed 4th place in the 50 Free, finishing at 32.74 and Megan Schimansky, who finished in 3rd place in the 100 Back (1:01.58) and 5th place in the 500 Free (5:14.17). 
Connor Marks secured 4th in the 100 Back with an excellent time of 1:01.21, Rhania Suarez secured 2 4th place finishes, the first by shaving nearly 16 seconds from her personal best in the 200 Free for a new record of 2:31.90 and the second in the 100 Fly (1:28.93). Samantha Schoenborn acheived her personal best in each of the 7 events she competed in at the meet including 2 seconds off her 50 Breast (43.17) for a 5th place finish and 6th place finishes by shaving 11 seconds off her 200 Free (2:36.49) and nearly 4 seconds off her 100 Breast (1:34.34). 

Aran Grant placed 5th in the 50 Free, finishing out the race at 24.68 and David Blanco also placed 5th in the 50 Breast at 31.00. Briana Dattile came in 6th place in both the 50 Breast and 50 Free with respective times of  34.69 and 27.75. Emily Robertson shaved a second off her previous best time in the 200 Free, coming in at 2:11.41 and in 6th place. Robertson also dropped nearly 13 seconds off of her 200 IM for a new personal best time of 2:42.29.

Faith Fowler placed 6th in the 200 Back (2:23.65) and dropped 6.5 seconds from her 400 IM, securing her an 8th place finish at 4:54.68. Ryan Brander also placed 6th in 2 of his Breast races with a time of 34.22 for the 50 Breast and a time of 2:46.67 for the 200 Breast. Brian Gonzalez earned 8th place in the 400 IM with a time of 4:48.01, and Mariana Montes shaved time off her 50 Fly for an 8th place finish at 39.07 as well as her 200 Free for a 9th place finish at 2:44.01.

Kalvin Hernandez dropped nearly 5 seconds from his 500 Free (5:06.38) as well as 1 second from his 100 Back (58.26) where he came in 7th place, Amber Candido dropped 8.5 seconds from her 200 Breast (2:50.88), securing her 9th place. The time drop trends continued. Hailey Wells dropped 24 seconds off her 500 Free (6:19.77) and 5 seconds off her 200 IM (2:45.82), Daniella Balkcom dropped 16 seconds off her 200 IM (2:51.99), Jason Bonasera dropped 11 seconds from his 500 Free (5:25.80), Kayleigh Didovic droped nearly 4 seconds off her 200 Free (2:58.57), and Kaitlyn Bonasera dropped over 5 seconds from both her 100 Fly (1:16.58) and her 200 IM (2:46.35). 

More impressive time drops include Glory Lee and Katelyn Lay, who each dropped 7 seconds from their 50 Back (1:06.61 and 53.46 respectively), Miguel Kocoglu, who dropped 10.5 seconds from his 100 Back (1:18.97), Fabrizio Parraga, who dropped 5.5 seconds from his 50 Breast (37.75), Sarah Tauzer, who dropped 7 seconds from both her 200 Free (2:45.87) and her 100 Back (1:29.93), Cody Chin, who dropped over 19 seconds from his 500 Free (5:44.42), and Ashley Nagy, who shaved nearly a minute off her 400 IM (5:47.84). 

CSSC coaches were impressed by the performances of every swimmer who brought their A games to the Meet, "The gauntlet has been dropped, if we can expect to see such amazing improvements and performances throughout 2017, then I am very excited about the coming year". We are eagerly anticipating our next opportunity to perform this year. 2017 is provong to be an exciting year. 


January 2017 Sizzler

 IMG 1345The 2017 Sunrise 8 and Under Sizzler was held on Saturday, January 28th at the Sunrise Civic Center. Our younger swimmers and their families  gathered at the event and braved the chilly temperatures to compete. 

Coach Jessica Long was proud of how CSSC swimmers performed at the event, even in challenging weather conditions, "our kids did so great at the sunrise sizzler despite the cold temps". She is also thrilled with the performances of CSSC newest participants Grace Zhu and Vanessa Rodriguez-Walker who both "did a great job for their first meet".The dilligent practice of our swimmers, along with instruction and training from our coaches, has certainly paid off. All swimmers acheived their best times at the meet.

Although we are delighted to see our swimmers continue to challenge themselves, we are also impressed with how CSSC perform as a team. The 100 Free Relays were a highlight at the Sizzler. Our girls team, consising of Alejandra Gil (8) Molly Chaison (7), Haley Most (7), and Braelyn Thorpe (6) beat out 8 other teams for a first place victory with an impressive time of 1:14.08. Our boys, team consisting of Jorge Aguila (7),  John Albornoz (7) Alex Mitov (7), and David Rodriguez (8) placed third in their relay at 1:22.85. 

Braelyn Thorpe was not only part of the team that earned a  first place victory in the relay, she also placed first in every event she competed in at the Sizzler includung the 25 Fly (23.03) , 25 Free (19.71), 25 Back (23.10), and 25 Breast (27.54). Alejandra Gil earned 3rd in both the 25 Fly (20.96) and 25 Free (17.78).

Other stand out individual performances include Jorge Aguila's 3rd place finish in the 25 Free (17.70), Aris Dominique's 5th place finish in the 25 Breast (26.03), and Aveline Harding's 6 second time drop in the 25 Free (24.97). 

More impressive time drops at the event include Gabriel Delpino's 10 second drop in the 25 Fly (30.97), John Albornoz's  and McKayla Barton's  2.5 second drop in the 25 Breast (30.20 and 27.53 respectively), and Samantha Grossman's 2 second drop in the 25 Back (29.12). Daniel Gil-Restrepo and Noa Nierman both swam their personal best in the 25 Fly (36.47 and 30.58 respectively) as did Alexander Mitov in in his 25 Back (27.73).
We are so proud of the performances that we saw last weekend and are looking forward to seeing how what these swimmers will bring to future meets in 2017. 


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