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2016 Holiday Parade

On December 14th, CSSC participated on the 2016 Coral Springs Holiday Parade. The theme was "Light up the Night" and everyone had a great time!


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2016 Sprint Invitational

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This weekend Coral Springs Swim Club hosted the Sprint Invitational the Silver group participated in their last home meet of 2016. Coach Bar Bogoslavsky was impressed with their performance, “We had some amazing swims and great times. Silver group participated in team relays, which I thought were a great way for the kids to enjoy themselves and get to meet other swimmers from the club.” 

Many of the Silver Group swimmers also improved their times at the meet. Sklyar Croasdale shaved 10 seconds off her 100 Free (1:33.63) and 9 off her 100 IM (1:54.12). Sophia El Chantiry improved her time by 4 seconds in both the 50 Free (40.95) and 50 Back (47.84). Contessa Gilley improved her time by 3 seconds in her 50 Back (1:03.89) while Logan Jeffery shaved 4 seconds off his 50 Free (51.21).

More Silver Group strides were made by Carolyn Powell who dropped 5 seconds from her 50 Breast (52.52) and 1 second from her 50 Back (39.42), Amanda Robins who shaved an impressive 20 seconds from her 100 Free (1:43.69) for a 5th place finish, and Michael Tran who improved his time in the 50 Back (58.47) by just over 1 second.

 First time meet participants were Mateo Colussi, Brian Hamilton, Tomas Tavares Juvencio, and Laila Jackson who also performed well. Coach Bar was “very pleased with the results of the meet” and feels as if “Silver group ended the year off with a bang”. She added that she “can't wait to see what is in store for next year”.

The Mullins groups participated at the meet as well. Many of these swimmers were new to the Area 2 meets including Kenslee Ward, Noa Nierman, Carly Chin, Adeline Harding, Braelyn Thorpe, Gabriel Delpino, Mielah Pierce, Annika Van Rooyen, Samantha Botha, Ege Lale, Kennedy Grisby, Meaghan Swack, Mark Abbott, Mckayla Barton, Samantha Grossman, Sydney Larsen, Alex Kirov, Hope Suther, Mia Mendez, Valerie Block, Riley Johnson, and Henry Robles. Coach Jessica Long noted that “they all did such a great and we are so proud of them. We look forward to many more competitions with them”.

Coach Long was happy with the swims on both days from her Mullins groups and looks forward to swim meets both as a way to watch her kids perform as well as “a way for us to see what we need to keep working on or emphasize more in practice”. Their work in the 50 Back was evident at the meet. Braelyn Thorpe dropped 3 seconds from her best time finishing at and in 47.44 4th place and Anthony Palumbo dropped 1 second from his personal best finishing in 2nd place at 47.73. Melanie Suglio had an amazing 100 Back with a 9 second drop from her personal best at 1:38.70.

The Mullins Group has been working hard in improving their Breaststroke technique and speed. The hard work in practice was evident at the meet. Rhadika Nanavati placed 4th in her 50 Breast by dropping3 seconds from her time at 54.84. Other time drops in the Breast include Addison Palumbo who dropped 4 seconds (1:04.40), Haley Most who dropped 8 seconds (1:04.94), Jorge Aguila who dropped 3 seconds (56.33), Anthony Palumbo who dropped 2 seconds and placed 3rd (52.37), Jack Maniscalco who dropped 4 seconds (1:07.31), Kenneth Rattray  who dropped 3 seconds (1:01.56), Ysabella Sapp who dropped 2 seconds (46.55), Courtney Hartung who dropped 2 seconds (50.46), Meaghan Swack who dropped 5 seconds (51.42), Camden Dumas who dropped 2 seconds (1:00.77), and Noah Mello who dropped 1 seconds (51.14).

More time drops were seen in the 50 Free. Mikhel Martin dropped 8 seconds (41.95), Mckayla Barton dropped 7 seconds (52.67), Haley Most dropped 5 seconds (50.64), Molly Chaison dropped 1 second (50.29) Rhadhika Nanavati dropped 14 seconds (42.94), Valerie Block dropped 3 seconds (43.73), Kyra Rattray dropped 2 seconds (41.94), Camden Dumas dropped 3 seconds (45.05), and Steve Quispe dropped a noteworthy 21 seconds (44.23).

Coach Long is proud of the strides that her group is making in the Butterfly, “they are getting so much better and faster and stronger”.  Addison Palumbo dropped 4 seconds (1:06.20), and Jorge Aguila dropped 6 seconds (52.65). 

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Day two of the meet started off with the challenging 100 IM for the Mullins group where “the kids did great and had a lot of fun” Anthony Palumbo dropped 1 second from his time, coming in at 1:46.43 and in 3rd place. Oscar Dougherty dropped 10 seconds (1:51.18, Payton Schurr dropped 1 second (1:45.95), Courtney Hartung dropped 7 seconds (1:40.45), and Kyra Rattray dropped 17 seconds (1:54.85).  Kenslee Ward, Carly Chin, John Albornoz, Owen Dougherty, Kaitlyn Irwin, Ysabella Sapp, Valerie Block, Adrianna Raucci, Jax Yellin, Fernando Calero, and Justin Land all swam the event for the first time and did an amazing job.

Time drops in day 2 continued with the 50 Back where, Kenneth Rattray dropped 8 seconds (57.49), Kyra Rattray dropped 2 seconds (1:01.95), and on to the 100 Back where Grayson Yellin dropped a noteworthy 27 seconds (1:44.65).

The 100 Free is a race that many swimmers enjoy but it is also a race where many swimmers dropped time. Addison Palumbo dropped 20 seconds (1:50.70), Kailtyn Irwin dropped 12 seconds (1:49.09), Kenneth Rattray dropped 20 seconds (1:49.35), Grayson Yellin dropped 10 seconds (1:14.93), and Steve Quispe dropped 23 seconds (1:31.09Y).

We are so proud of all of our swimmers’ performances. We look forward to seeing what 2017 has to offer for CSSC swimmers and their families. 

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Winter Champs



The 26th Annual 2016 Speedo Winter Champs Meet was hosted by Plantation Swim Team. On November 17-20th, Coral Springs Swim Club competed alongside 50 other swim teams at Central Park’s Plantation Aquatic Complex pool in Plantation, Florida.

Azura Florida Aquatics placed 1st in the Championships with 1,390 points, followed by East Coast Aquatic Club at 2nd place with 1,205 points, while 3rd went to Pine Crest Swim Team with 1,108 points. Coral Springs Swim Club placed 10th among 51 Teams with a cumulative 403 points (266 earned by our women and 137 by our men).

Head Coach Bruno Darzi was thrilled with the events that transpired over the weekend. He said, "I am proud of our team performances This past season has been especially challenging due to the pool renovations and the limited pool space. We had some incredible individual performances".

Giulianna Garcia certainly performed at the event. She earned an impressive 58 points for CSSC in the Womens age 11-12 division. Garcia swam in 8 final events and earned 2nd place in the 200 Fly (2:18.15), the 400 IM (4:50.44) and the 100 Fly (1:02.10). She also dropped 6 seconds from her 200 Breast and came in 3rd at 2:35.86.

 Riley Botting earned 39 points and Briana Dattile earned 19 in the same age group. Botting beat her personal best time by nearly 5 seconds with a 1st victory in the 200 Breast (2:33.81). Botting also swam a skilled 50 Breast with a 2nd place finish at 33.29. Dattile also tackled the 50 Breast and placed 4th at 34.08.

Connor Marks dropped time in almost every event. He earned 27 points for CSSC in the Mens age 13-14 division. Some of his stand out events include his 2nd place finished in both the 50 and 100 Back (27.61 and 57.85 respectively) and 3rd in the 200 Back where he finished at 2:04.33 by dropping nearly 5 seconds from his personal best time.

The trend of our swimmers achieving personal best times at the meet continued with Samuel McCormick who placed 2nd in his 50 Breast at 29.42 by dropping a half a second from his previous record. McCormick also dropped 9.5 seconds from his 200 Breast and finished in 9th place at 2:23.55.

Sarah Schimansky and Riley McCormick both channeled their ability to endure the strenuous 1650 Free Schimansky dropped 22 seconds from her previous record in the event, finishing at 18:41.66 and in 6th place while McCormick dropped 37 seconds from hers finishing at 19:51.95 and earning 7th.

Kalvin Hernandez earned 18 points for CSSC. He placed 6th in both the 50 Fly (24.29) and the 100 Free (48.62) and 7th in both the 100 IM (56.52) and 100 Fly (53.37). Megan Schimansky earned a cumulative  11 points for CSSC by placing 4th in her 50 Back (28.09) and 7th in her 200 Back (2:12.46).

Other stand out performances from the Championships include Julie Mason’s 8th place in her 400 IM (4:58.62), Faith Fowler’s 500 Free (where she swam a personal best by 2.60 seconds at 5:28.76), Ryan Brander’s 9th place finishes in both the 50 and 200 Breast (34.17 and 2:47.54), Cody Chin’s 7th place finish in the 100 Fly (57.33), Brooke Cordoba’s 9th place finish in the 50 Breast (33.43), and Andres McKeon’s 10th place finish in the 200 Free (1:48.36).

With such these performances we are greatly looking forward to our upcoming meets. We wish all of our swimmers, coaches, and their families a Happy Thanksgiving and are thankful for all that you do to make CSSC such a success. 


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