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IMX Results


The Coral Springs Swim Club Mullins groups participated in the June Woogler Memorial  IMX Challenge at Sunrise on October 7-8, 2017.


CSSC was well represented at the meet and some stand out swims from the Sizzler portion include 6-year-olds Daniel Gil-Restrepo and Luke Reese, who tackled their 25 Butterfly with skill. Gil-Restrepo completed the race at 24.12 and in 1st place, while Reese wasn’t far behind, finishing at 30.53 and in 3rd. Gil-Restrepo also swam an excellent 25 Back and finished in 2nd place with a time of 25.28 while Reese earned 2nd in his 25 Breast at 34.30.


Gigi Martin, also aged 6, placed 2nd in her 25 Free at 20.97 while 8-year-old Mikhel Martin placed 3rd in her 25 Fly at 21.09.


Our Girls team, consisting of 6-year-old Isla El Chantiry, 7-year-olds Aveline Harding and Sydney Larsen, and 8 year old Alex Palekar, came in 2nd in their  100 Free Relay with an impressive cumulative time of 1:15.89. Gigi Martin, 7-year-old Vanessa Rodriguez Walker, and 8-year-olds Mikhel Martin and Samantha Grossman also competed in the relay. The finished at 1:25.72, and in 6th place.  


Daniel Gil-Restrepo and 8-year-olds John Albornoz, Anthony Schurr, and Jorge Aguila represented CSSC in their 100 Free Relay and placed 4th with a time of 1:18.48.


The Sizzler event included races that are challenging for our younger swimmers, aged 8 and younger, such as the 100 Breast, 100 Back, 200 Free and 200 IM. However, the Mullins group certainly rose to the challenge. Coach Bar Bogoslavsky reported,  “we had some great swims from everyone in the club. Mullins group swimmers brought their A game and were ready to race. We had some great swims this weekend”. SHe continued, adding accolades to those swimmers who took a risk and competed in some of the more challenging heats, “A little shout out to our swimmers who swam the 200 IM and the 200 Free. They all killed it and we look forward to seeing them continue to improve over the season”.


The Girls 13 and Over 200 Breast was an exciting race with even better results as CSSC took 1st by Faith Fowler at 2:29.97, 3rd by Giulianna Garcia at 2:21.62, and 4th by Micaela Sierra at 2:25.05.


14-year-old Darion Louis-Jeune beat out his competition in his 200 Breast by placing 1st with an impressive time of 2:37.10 as well as his 200 Fly at 2:28.98. More 1st place finishes for CSSC include Giulianna Garcia in her 200 Fly (2:19.26) and 200 IM (2:19.45), 10-year-old Emily Robertson in her 100 Fly(1:05.62), 10-year-old Sammy Schoenborn in her 200 Free (2:27.05), and 14-year-old Gregory Trimble in his 400 IM (4:38.67).


Emily Robertson also swam an amazing 100 Back in 1:10.13, earning her 4th place. Louis-Jeune, also performed well in this stroke, finishing his 200 also in 4th place at 2:27.33. CSSC swimmers Alejandro  Alvarez, John Lynch, and Grayson Yellin came in not far behind Louis-Jeune and one right after the other with respective times of 2:36.56, 2:44.89, and 9 2:49.87.


It’s events like these that get us excited to see what else our swimmers have in store. As our swimmers continue to work with our coaches and sharpen their skills and techniques, we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 has in store.


Photo Gallery from the 2017 June Woogler Memorial IMX Challenge

Photo Credit: Coach Bar and Lorena Schoenborn


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Kicking Mania at Mullins

kicking mania slide

On Thursday, September 28th, Mullins groups participated in Kicking Mania day! The whole practice was just kicking!! Kicking is a very important part in swimming and we felt it necessary to dedicate a day just for that! It was a fun workout for the kids and was very tiring as well! It included a kicking on the wall, underwater kicks, and even (Coach Bar's favorite) vertical kicking! This is something we will be doing more in the future, so if your swimmer missed it there is no need to worry! It was a great practice for the kids to have fun and also work very hard!

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Sunrise Open Invitational Produces Sunny Skies and Stellar Swims

Sunrise Invitational 2



This past weekend, Coral Springs Swim Club traveled down to Sunrise to participate in the Sunrise Open Invitational. Saturday, September 23 was a typical hot autumn day in Florida’s Gold Coast  but our swimmers didn’t let the heat adversely affect their performances. Instead, their technique, skills, and team spirit were just as bright at the South Florida sun, making it a very successful day.


9-year-old Carolyn Powell impressed us all at the event. She competed in 3 different events and not only achieved new personal best times in each of her races, she also placed 1st in both her 50 Back at 34.55 and her 50 Free at 29.53.  Powell finished out her day by placing 4th in her 100 IM at 1:20.00, scoring an overall 20 points for CSSC.


Giulianna Garcia competed in 3 different events. She placed 1st in her 100 Fly (1:02.44), 3rd in her 100 IM (1:04.79), and shaved a noteworthy 11 seconds off her previous personal record in her 500 Free, and came in 6th at  1:04.79. Riley McCormick also swam 3 events with skill and precision. McCormick placed 2nd in her 100 IM at 1:08.43, 3rd in her 500 Free at 5:55.69, and 4th in her 100 Breast with a new personal best of 1:19.62.


Many CSSC Swimmers enjoyed 2nd place, including Rhania Suarez by shaving 1.5 seconds off her 50 Free and finishing at  30.75, earning her 17 points,  Andres McKeon’s 500 Free (4:56.10), and Emily Robertson’s 100 Fly (1:07.69). Robertson also placed 7th in her 50 Free and earned 12 points at 28.20. Sunrise Invitational


10-year-old Brittany Bean placed 3rd in her 100 Breast (1:29.99) while 11-year-old Nicole Creed also enjoyed a bronze finish in her 50 Back (32.97) as well as 9th place in her 50 Free (28.51), earning 9 points for the race.  More 3rd place victories include Faith Fowler’s 200 Back (2:17.77), Lydia Lanahan’s 50 Back (33.01), Sarah Schimansky’s 500 Free at 5:30.20,  Micaela Sierra’s 100 Breast at 1:11.01, and Mariana Montes’ 50 Free at a new personal best of 31.02 while also banking 16 points for CSSC.


More personal bests were achieved this weekend, proving that our swimmers have been working diligently during practice in order to sharpen their skills. Isabella Perez enjoyed a 5th place finish in her 200 IM at 3:01.44, an improvement of over 32 seconds. Perez also improved her 50 Free by over 4 seconds at 31.77, a time which placed her in 6th and earned her an impressive 13 points.


Jason Bonasera shaved over 13 seconds from his 100 Breast, placing 9th at  1:08.99,  Guillermo Barrios shaved 2.6 seconds from his 500 Free, placing 7th at 5:19.07, Grant Aran shaved a second from his 50 Back, placing 6th at  27.98, and Briana Dattile shaved nearly a full minute from her 500 Free with a new record of 5:47.43. Dattile also earned 4.5 points in for her time in her 50 Free at 27.37.


Kaitlyn Bonasera shaved time from all 3 events in which she competed with impressive times in each of 2:40.00 and 5th place in her 200 IM, 1:12.72 and 7th place in her 100 Fly, and 1:16.24 in her 100 IM as did Mila Bond. Bond shaved 9 seconds from her 50 Back ( 42.42), 5 seconds from her 50 Breast (1:39.64), and 3 seconds from her 50 Free (32.43) for which she earned 6 points for CSSC.


Coach Bar Bogoslavsky was proud of her swimmers, especially two rookie swimmers from the Mullins Group,for whom the Sunrise Open Invitational was their first competition with CSSC. She reflected, “we had some first time swimmers participate and they brought the speed, Olivia Ratliff and Ethan Persten swam their first meet and did a great job”. Ratliff and Peterson both competed in 2 events, the 50 Back and 50 Free, and achieved impressive times.  (44.84 and 34.26 respectively for Ratliff and 50.01 and 39.96 respectively for Peterson). Sunrise Invitational 3


Beginners weren’t the only CSSC Swimmers to make an impression at the event, other noteworthy swims, Katelyn Lay shaved off an impressive 23.5 seconds from her 100 IM with a new personal best of time 1:54.62. Lay also achieved new personal records in both her 50 Free (47.29)  and 50 Back (50.03). Mikhel Martin also swam his personal best in 3 events, including his 50 Back at 45.47, his 100 Breast  at 2:00.29, and his 50 Free at  39.71.


More new personal bests swam by the Mullins Group at Saturday’s invitational include Savannah Kautz and Samantha Grossman’s 5 second improvement in each of their 50 Frees (44.08 and 45.86 respectively), Anthony Palumbo’s 4 second improvement in his 50 Free (37.81),  Max Cisternas’ 3 second improvement in his 50 Back (50.51), Kyra Rattray’s 2.7 second improvement in her 100 Breast at 1:42.49 and 1.7 second improvement in her 50 Free at  37.39,  Jorge Aguila’s 2 second improvement in his 100 Breast (1:52.82), and Joslyn Brown and Gigi Martin’s 1 second improvement in each of their 50 Backs (51.98 and 1:02.04 respectively). Coach Bar also congratulated both Cailin Duggins and Sebastian Sterling, who “gave it their all”.


Coach Bar concluded, “myself and Coach Jessica are very proud of the hard work our swimmers have been putting in during practice”. Both Coaches are eagerly anticipating the June Wollger Invitational at Sunrise on October 7th and 8th.


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