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erin-sayre-profile-photoJanuary was a great month of training and competition! We jumped back into our training regimen with heavy dry land training aimed at making the kids stronger and more explosive in the water for this upcoming year. We did not rest for our first meet of the year at Saint Andrews; however, there were still many awesome swims!
Jason Allen swam best times in all eight of his events! Many of his best times were more than 2 second improvements! He also swam the 500 freestyle for the first time with a time of 6:54.37. Great job Jason!
Rachel Botting has been working very diligently to technically improve her strokes and it really paid off with significant improvements in the 100 backstroke, 50 butterfly, 50 backstroke, 100 freestyle and a six second improvement and fourth place finish in the 200 IM.
Treasure D'Souza had an incredible meet with a seven second best time in the 100 breaststroke and a five second best time in the 100 freestyle.
Faith Fowler was among the swimmers who have been working very diligently to make stroke improvements and consequently had an outstanding meet! Faith swam a four second best time in the 100 butterfly, and best times in the 50 freestyle, 100 IM and 50 butterfly. Faith also swam the 500 freestyle for the first time and really swam awesome!
Emma Gomez is another swimmer with amazing results in some tough events. Emma swam the 200 freestyle for a five second best time, a half second improvement in the 50 freestyle, dropped a second and a half in the 100 freestyle. She also swam an almost nine second best time in the 200 IM and swam the 200 backstroke for the first time ever! To top it all off, she swam a fifty-one second best time in the 400 IM!
Meredith McDade made huge strides in the 200 freestyle with an eight second improvement, 100 IM with an almost five second improvement, and a four second improvement in the 100 freestyle, as well as other best times.
Grace Nemanic, new to white group, swam four out of four best times as well!
Gian Luca Savino took top places in most of his events as well as swam the 500 freestyle for the first time with a time of 5:59.21.
Greg Trimble had an awesome meet as well, qualifying for Jos, swimming all best times, and swimming an almost 14 second best time in the 200 freestyle and a 41 second best time in the 500 freestyle! There were many many other impressive swims as well. Blue and White groups, I am so proud of you! We will continue to train hard and make stroke improvements daily to make sure we hit many more best times at the Coral Springs Invitational in February and continue to look towards Area 2 Champs and the Junior Olympic meet!

Lastly, our diligence award winner this month is Gian Luca Savino! Gian Luca has been incredibly consistent with showing up prepared for practice and with an awesome attitude and persistence in making stroke improvements. Several of our blue and white team members have mentioned that they have noticed how hard Gian Luca has been working and have pointed out that they can see great improvement in his strokes! When fellow teammates notice a visible difference, that's really saying something! Gian Luca definitely knows how to balance having fun and working hard at the same time. While Coach Erin was out of town, the coaches mentioned how Gian Luca was a great help in leading the blue group practice and making sure everyone was on task. What great initiative! Congratulations Gian Luca! I am so proud of you!




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