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dave-cowmeadowThe month of January proved to be a very challenging month for Senior 2A. With all of the training adjustments we needed to make, and the pool space issues we had to deal with, we managed to come through it all with a great month of training.
The hard work put in by our swimmers was on full display in Boca January 25-26 at Saint Andrews. Alex Meyer continued to drop significant time, and swam very well despite eating the wall on EVERY turn in EVERY backstroke race he swam. I guess he didn't count his strokes in warm up? Nate Lalor, Hannah Pillado, Daria Chiarrella, Diego Sanguinetti and Lily (2 hours of sleep) Skopp also had solid swims and many best times.
The superstar of the meet was from one of our newest members; ASHLEY RUF, remember that name! This young lady has so many responsibility's its mind boggling. Whether is taking the ACT (yes as a 13 year-old), mathematics, or music she is always up to something. She puts in as much "swim" time as she can, and when she does wow look at her go! She took 7 seconds off her 100 backstroke time, and in the short time with our group has made excellent stroke adjustments. I have rarely worked with a swimmer that can make the adjustments Ashley has made in such a short amount of time, maybe its all that brain-power she has, who knows, but coach Dave loves it! Great Job Ashley!
The best part about the month of January was receiving our new teammates. A special welcome shout-out goes out to Hayley Simonson and Sadie Reese who are making the drive up from Miami everyday to train here. Combined they just may be the two nicest swimmers you will ever meet! Their positive attitude and hard work does not go unnoticed. Great month of training, lets keep it up!

-Coach Dave




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